May 2019   
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On Mission Celebration

What is an On Missions Celebration?

The OMC introduces international, North American, state, and local on-mission Christians, highlighting the continuing missions opportunities and needs of Southern Baptists.  Participants are encouraged to examine their personal on-mission commitments in a festive and energetic atmosphere.

OMC's are customized for churches and associations.  An OMC can be scheduled as an association wide event, as a regional event hosted by one church, or by a group of churches cooperationg together.

What is the purpose of an OMC?

An OMC is designed to inspire and mobilize participants to intentionally celebrate God's activity in the world, anticipate their role in God's mission, and participate by making a commitment to being on mission with God.

* Our Associational On Mission Celebration is scheduled for October 6, 2013.   More information is to follow.