October 2018   
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Executive Committee

The Executive Commitee members are composed of the pastor (when he is a member of that church) and one lay person from each church.

The officers of the association, namely moderator, vice-moderator, clerk, and treasurer, shall be ex officio officers to the executive committee and shall serve as respective officers of the committee unless the association directs otherwise. All other officers, the chief officers of the organizations, and chairpersons of standing committees are ex officio members. Ex officio members will not have the right to vote unless they are also members of the executive committee elected as representatives of their respect churches.

The executive committee shall attend to all matters of the association between sessions, promote all progress authorized by the association, and carry out all directives given by the association. It shall make an annual report to the association of work carried on and all finances handled.
The executive committee shall have the authority to employ and fix compensation for the Director of Missions and any other employee of the association and shall be responsible for prescribing the duties of same.

The next meeting will be:                


Executive Committee Meeting's for 2012


February 19, 2012

May 20, 2012

August 19, 2012


*All meetings will be at the Association Office @ 2:00pm